Campsite Dordogne

Le Val de la Marquise is a 4-star camp ground in the heart of the Périgord Noir, in the Vézère valley, also known as “prehistoric valley”.

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Vézère valley

The Vézère valley is a magical place where the natural wilderness has been perfectly preserved. Along Vézère River you can find many prehistoric sites. Our beautiful valley is listed as a UNESCO world heritage site due to its unique and rich history and its many famous sites such as the caves of Lascaux.

Culture and heritage in Dordogne

When you visit the Vézère valley, it is almost as though you are travelling back in time as the landscape has stayed in near the same condition that it was in during the prehistoric period, Staying at a place that has 400.000 years of history is a true privilege.
In an area that stretches for over 50 kilometres you are able to explore many ancient sites, such as Pataud, prehistoric villages such as La Madeleine, caves with prehistoric murals in Combarelles, or caves with original polychrome murals like those found in the Font de Gaume. Staying in the Vézère valley is like immersing yourself in a fantastic prehistoric world.

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The Vézère valley is the perfect destination for anyone that is curious about the origins of mankind and fascinated by the prehistoric world. Just beyond the bounds of our camp ground you can explore a network of beautiful caves. 4 km from the camp ground, you can visit Le Bugue. 6 km from the camp ground you will find the impressive Eyzies de Tayac village, which was the capital of the world during the prehistoric period. Here you can visit the national museum, which is also known as one of the premier international prehistoric sites.
The valley is a part of the UNESCO World Heritage list due to its many archaeological treasures. We would like to invite you to stay at our Dordogne camp ground and experience these wonders for yourself.

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Visit the Dordogne

The Dordogne is the name of our region, which is also known as the Périgord, the former name of the area. The Périgord is divided into 4 parts: noir (black), blanc (white), vert (green) and pourpre (purple).
In the North, the Périgord Vert (around Nontron) has gained its name due to the colour of the the beautiful vast grassland that can be found throughout the region.
In the center, the Périgord Blanc (around Périgueux) was named after white stone that is typically found in the area and which has been used in much of the local architecture.
In the south, Périgord Pourpre (around Bergerac) was named after the purple colour of the vineyards and autumn coloured hills of Bergerac.
In the South West, the Périgord Noir (around Sarlat), is the most popular tourist destination of the four Périgords. The black colour comes from the dark foliage of the holm oak.
During your next holidays in the Périgord, as you make your way around the many winding roads in the area, don’t hesitate to stop and visit the charming villages of our beautiful Dordogne region.
Thanks to its exceptional heritage, the region has been awarded the prestigious label of having the “most beautiful French villages”.

The most beautiful towns in Dordogne

Limeuil – 10 km from the camp ground : conveniently located between the confluence of the Dordogne and the Vézère, which the city an important prehistoric centre.

Beynac – 18 km from the camp ground: a uniquely charming village, which has significant architectural heritage. The castle located in the village balances on the edge of a cliff and has since the Middle Ages had an amazing view over the river of hope “La Dordogne”.

Belves – 19 km from the camp ground: This village was built on a rocky outcrop in 11th century, and has been spectacularly well preserved.

Saint Léon sur Vézère – 20 km from the camp ground: Has maintained the typical charm of the coast of Jor and authenticity of the medieval villages of the Périgord Noir.

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La Roque Gageac – 23 km from the camp ground: This Medieval village full of historical heritage is located on an exceptional location between the cliffs and the river.


Castelnaud – 28 km from the camp ground: A village with two castles. The first castle now serves as a war museum pertaining to the Middle Ages and the Renaissance castle, which used to be home of Josephine Baker.


Domme – 29 km from the camp ground: On top of a cliff, 150 meters above the river, lies the stately Domme fortress, with an impressive panoramic view of the Dordogne Valley.


Monpazier – 23 km from the camp ground: 8 centuries after its creation, the Medieval treasure that is the Monpazier fortress in the heart of the Périgord Noir can still be visited.


Saint Amand de Coly – 36 km from the camp ground: The abbey from the 12th century is considered to be the most beautiful church and fort of the Périgord. It looks our over the village below, if which many houses are made from the same white slate from Sarlat as the Abbey, a style that is unique to the area.